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New English Adventure

New English Adventure

New English Adventure

New English Adventure

The new edition of the bestselling primary course familiarises pupils with the fascinating world of English language using much-loved characters from the latest Disney-Pixar studio films. It actively builds a solid basic knowledge of English, confidence and enthusiasm, and above all, the motivation to learn.

What makes New English Adventure the most motivating course for kids?

  • well known characters that encourage pupils to study and remember English vocabulary and structures,
  • exciting and colourful cartoons which help revise new language as pupils follow the adventures of Mickey Mouse and his friends,
  • stimulating activities and memorable songs which cater to diverse educational needs,
  • a wide range of components which provide motivating and varied lessons.


What is new in New English Adventure?
  • new characters from children’s favourite latest Disney/Pixar films, including Brave, Cars, Frozen and Tangled.
  • a faster vocabulary syllabus with up to 15 words introduced in every unit with constant recycling and revisions.
  • complete digital support for teachers with software for Interactive Whiteboards, including interactive games and clips from Disney/Pixar films.
  • a completely revised Teacher’s Book with reduced Pupils' Book pages and lesson scenarios containing warm–ups, games and Total Physical Response activities.
  • specially arranged songs to engage children and karaoke versions for school competitions.
  • new Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) lessons in every unit so you can teach children about other cultures and the real world while they’re also learning English.
  • a new cartoon in every unit with Disney’s much loved characters – Mickey, Minnie and Goofy – with their original voices and a special EFL voice-over version.
  • Mickey Mouse appears in all levels, giving children the character continuity to engage them as they progress.
  • twice as many pen-to-paper activities, such as sticking, drawing, cutting-out, tracing and matching, to help you when working with large classes.
  • full-colour Activity Book with every page corresponding to a Pupils' Book page and footnotes that allow parents to monitor homework.
  • additional activities for fast finishers – Extra Adventure at the end of the Activity Book.







Try New English Adventure

Take a look at sample units from:

  • Pupil’s Book
  • Activity Book
  • Teacher's Book,
  • Class Audio material.

... and try them out in your class!

Starter A Starter B Level 1 Level 2

Course components for pupils:

Pupil's Book
The full colour Pupil’s Book provides a gently-paced but well-structured syllabus that constantly reviews and reinforces what has been taught.
Attached to every Pupil’s Book, the DVD includes 5 episodes featuring fun presenters and Disney/Pixar characters. Each episode has a different, exciting Disney/Pixar film clip and a real-life connection.
Activity Book
The full-colour Activity Book with every page corresponding to a Pupils' Book page and footnotes that allow parents to monitor homework.
Songs and stories CD
A component attached to every Activity Book that includes a range of original songs and chants and listening to stories.
Course components for the classroom use:
Teacher's Book
The Teacher’s Book with reduced Pupil’s Book pages gives you the detailed information you need to use all components.
Full-colour flashcards with target vocabulary.
Story cards
Story Cards show pictures from Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto in the Pupil’s Book cartoons with transcriptions and questions to ask.
Beautifully illustrated posters provide more practice of target vocabulary and structures and look great in the classroom.
Teacher's eText
The entire material from the Pupil's book and Activity Book plus photocopiable tests for interactive whiteboards. The material includes interactive exercises and games, and all audio recordings to consolidate material. What is more, it also contains fragments of new Disney/Pixar films.

New English Adventure website

Visit the New English Adventure website to find:
  • more information about the course
  • deatailed changes to the new edition
  • guide to Disny/Pixar films
  • course components overview
  • extra resources for your classroom