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Speakout is a comprehensive English course that helps adult learners gain confidence in all skill areas using authentic materials from the BBC. With its wide range of support material, it meets the diverse needs of learners in a variety of teaching situations and helps to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world.

Comprehensive, multi-strand approach to language development with a strong focus on real-life communication skills
Downloadable video podcasts of real-life interviews filmed by the BBC provide learners with models of authentic English as it is really spoken
A rich variety of print and digitally delivered supplementary materials



Speakout Intermediate Speakout Upper Intermediate Speakout Advanced
Browse through
the Student's Book
Browse through
the Student's Book
Browse through
the Student's Book
Browse through
the Student's Book
Browse through
the Student's Book

Course components:

Coursebook with Active Book

  • Between 90 & 120 hours of teaching materials
  • Language bank with reference material and extra practice
  • Photo bank to expand vocabulary (Starter, Elementary & Pre-Intermediate)


  • Extra grammar and vocabulary practice
  • Functional language
  • Speaking and listening strategies
  • Reading, writing and listening practice
  • Regular review and self-study tests

Teacher’s Resource Book

  • Detailed teaching notes
  • Integrated answer keys and audioscripts
  • Four photocopiable activities for every unit
  • Mid course and end of course tests

Speakout Active Book

A DVD-ROM with everything students need with a digital version of the full coursebook plus:

  • Integrated audio and DVD content
  • Test master containing all course tests
  • Answer reveal feature
  • Grammar and vocabulary review games
  • A host of useful tools
  • Large resource section
  • Interactive video podcast worksheets with integrated video player
  • Upload audio & video podcasts so speaking tasks can be assigned as homework

Active Teach

Speakout Active Teach contains everything you need on one disc including a digital version of the coursebook plus:

  • Integrated audio and video fully integrated and includes intelligent scripting
  • Answer reveal button
  • Shortcuts to relevant Language & Photo banks
  • Four different grammar and vocab review games for warm ups or reviews
  • Phonetic keyboard
  • Stopwatch
  • Scorecard
  • Editable tests
  • Video podcast worksheets

Companion Website

  • Information about Speakout course
  • Sample materials to download and try
  • Teaching tips
  • Placement tests
  • A range of teaching resources
  • Video podcasts

  • Additional downloadable worksheets for grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and skills practice.
  • Extra video exploitation activities to help learners get the most out of the BBC clips


MyEnglishLab is a flexible online tool that enriches learning, informs teaching and enhances your Speakout course.

Enriched Learning
MyEnglishLab has a wide range of activities that are instantly graded and correlated to your Speakout course.
To help students engage with these activities there are ‘tips’ that direct students to reference material that will help them complete exercises, and ‘hints’ that provide learning opportunities by encouraging students to work out the answers for themselves.


Informed Teaching
MyEnglishLab for Speakout gives teachers instant access to a range of diagnostic tools.
The Gradebook enables teachers to see at-a-glance how students are progressing. It can be viewed for the class or individual students.
There are also placement tests, and end of unit tests which can all be assigned to your students

The Common Error Report enables you to see which errors are the most common and which of your students are making these errors. With this information you can focus class time on the areas that are needed the most and if necessary assign remedial activities.

Flexible Solutions
You can assign tasks to the whole class, groups of students, or individual students to help them reach their goals more effectively.
The communication tools provided enable you to send messages to your students and, if you wish, keep in contact outside of class