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Looking for a tool that measures students' progress more accurately than CEF does?

Progress is the first ever online, fully automated and institutionally administered test package that enables precise measurement of progress within all linguistic skills.

Tests available in September 2014:

  • A1
  • A1 - A2+
  • A2+ - B1

Tests available
in 2015:

  • B1 - B1+
  • B1+ - B2
  • B2 - C1

Convenient and time saving

Each level of Progress contains three 50-minute-long test to be taken at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the academic year. The first one adapts each task to the level of the student, which makes Progress fully personalised and cheating-resistant.

Since the tests are ready-made and fully automated, Progress provides immediate feedback that will influence everyday learning.

Precise and objective results

Progress offers standardised adaptive test packages set in a user-friendly online environment. These course-agnostic tests guarantee objectivity and reliability.

Scores are presented on the Global Scale of English that enables measurement of small increments of progress within a CEFR band.

Want to compare your GSE results to most common language exams? Go to Score Converter!

Informs teaching and learning

Score reports by skill show strengths and weaknesses of each student. Results are also presented with 'Can Do' descriptors which help the teacher focus on the aspects that need to be worked on. 

Progress offers a chance to compare scores across whole academic year to increase student motivation and influence learning.

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Go to student website for:

  • more info about Progress,
  • FAQ about automated scoring,
  • Global Scale of English reports.
  • tips for your Progress test,
  • more info about Global Scale of English,
  • score converter,
  • technical support.


IMPORTANT! Student's Access code is valid for 21 months.

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