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New Language Leader

New Language Leader

New Language Leader

New Language Leader

Authors: Ian Lebeau, Gareth Rees, David Cotton, David Falvey, Simon Kent

New Language Leader offers the ideal combination of teaching general English and Academic English, helping learners use English in a globalised world.  Designed around topics that stimulate discussion and debate, it has systematic skills work and a thorough study and writing skills syllabus.
The most effective course for 21st century students: not just teaching language, but supporting universities and pathway institutions in developing rounded, high-flying students with the real skills they need to succeed in academic study and their future careers.

Top new features:

  • Meet the Experts videos: authentic interviews with experts in various fields: scientists, academics, designers, artists, businesspeople bring topics to life
  • Study Skills videos: demonstrate the skills students need for presentations, lectures and discussions .Good and bad practice is modelled for the students in a comprehensible way.
  • 21st-century Skills: critical thinking skills and digital literacies developed throughout the course
  • MyEnglishLab: new online practice component with automatic grading and rich feedback
  • Contemporary topics and issuses: stimulate students; minds and develop crtitical thinking

What else is new?

  • Significantly revised texts and activities
  • All new testing and assessment package, deliverable through the NEW generation MyEnglishLab
  • Student's eText - digital version of the coursebook for browser and tablet, with embedded audio and video resources, delivered as an access card with unique access code
  • Fresh design and improved signposting throughout the book
  • Teacher's book available online - contact your local representative for access.
  • Student's online video and audio resource -

New Language Leader Advanced will be available in 2015.

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On new website you'll find:

  • more information about the course,
  • sample pages,
  • sample videos and audio,
  • information about the authors.