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7 Essential Student Motivation Techniques That You Must Use


 Digital Pen Pals

Many people never forget writing pen pal letters when they were young. Some people even become life-long friends with pen pals they first wrote to in elementary school.

 How to Use YouTube to Find Brilliant Primary Resources

Good quality primary resources in your classroom can make all the difference between a positive and happy classroom, and a negative and bored one. If you have good primary resources available to you it can also have a positive impact on you, and your...


 How to Effectively use Games in the Preschool and Elementary ESL Classroom

The first thing you should do when start teaching a preschool or elementary school ESL class is to figure out how to organize your class.


 If You'd Like to Know Why Reading Matters

Here Are Some of the Reasons Why Reading Is So Important for Children


 The ADD Child: Challenging Parents, Teachers and Friends

The ADD child exhibits a series of behaviors that are common in most children. Most children misbehave, act silly and day dream. So what, then, is the difference?


 Twitch Speed: Reaching Younger Workers Who Think Differently

Every parent, educator, and manager knows that 'Nintendo children'--those born after 1970 and raised on video and computer games, Walkmans, the Internet, etc.--are different.