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Making ESL Teaching Relevant to Teen Learners (doc)

If you are able to make your teaching materials interesting for your students, their grades should take a strong leap upwards. Easier said than done, you say?


Teaching "listening" as an English Language Skill (doc)

English as a foreign language has the greatest motion in Bangladesh. Status of English as the “library language” and the increased “international inter-dependence” are the two reasons of this which led to a greater focus on...


Reading Strategies for ESL/EFL Students (doc)

In my last article I talked about the importance of reading as a method of improving English fluency. In this article, I want to continue along that line of thought by giving some specific strategies that have helped my students and will help yours, too.


How to Be a Good Attention Getter - For Teachers (doc)

You rightly demand and require attention. Without it there can be little successful learning and no respect from pupils. However, simply walking into a room and shouting 'Be quiet!' doesn't always work.


A Day in the Life of a High School Teacher (doc)

Unlike elementary teachers, a high school teacher must 'face' a new set of students in every period. In my case, that means approximately 150 teens over the six periods.